Sunday, November 21, 2010

RRLTTP: Vimeo Festival & Awards Recap

These are some pictures from our trip to the Vimeo Festival & Awards. Our animated short Moonboy was selected to screen. It was great.

We put MoreFrames stickers up all around the city.

Moonboy was used on a lot of the promo material.

         Oh No!!! Vimeo messed up the title bumper.
 I have made corrections.

   They really went all out for the closing party.
Felt like a party famous people go to.

       Vimeo community director Blake Whitman
snagged us a poster, thanks! 

Us with Nyle. His one shot "let the beat build"
won the community choice award
 for music video.

 Kirsten Lepore one ups us in every
 internet animation  related thing possible.
We finally win by getting onto the posters.
She counter attacks by winning the
 community choice award for animation with
 her film Bottle . She's actually really really nice.


  1. Niiiiice... I was there! Moonboy was one of my favs... it says so in my cool/shit/cool-as-shit book (=
    Stephen Brooks

  2. I've posted all the stickers you gave me ... in only the fanciest of bathrooms in NYC :P

  3. Woohooo! Nice meeting you guys there!!! :D