Thursday, July 19, 2012

Well guys, it looks like that's it--we're finally famous.

During a routine check on the view count for our Lamb of God - Ghost Walking music video (364,882 views, as of today) I noticed an interesting “Top Comment.”

With 12 thumbs up, from MrShotgunChicken, “I am going to Cosplay as Goggles man in this video, at Comic Con 2012, on Sunday! :D.” 

Be still my beating heart.

With bated breath, I sent MrShotgunChicken a DM asking for photographic evidence of this historic moment so that, years from now, we can point to the exact moment when we “made it.”

And so it was that was that we were treated to seeing these fabulous photos:

Assuming the role of the nameless protagonist from the video is one, Mr. Zach Buettner a.k.a. MrShotgunChicken. Moving through the one and only SDCC, adopting the battle-wound pose--complete with rifle-crutch, the Goggles Man limped and staggered off the small screen and into real life. 

With a great eye to detail, Zach has lovingly crafted this fantastic cosplay, demonstrably solidifying his place apparently, as MoreFrames' biggest fan (Shuttup! Let us have this! It's us he loves, not LoG!)

I tell you that it is a surreal experience to see something jump from your imagination right into the real world. And also it is a great feeling to know that, even though we are not quite there ourselves--to be present or exhibiting at SDCC, MoreFrames was, in some small way, represented at the con to end all cons. Thank you Mr. Zach Buettner, we are very honored.


  1. That is fantastic. And great cosplay!

  2. Ha, I'm his sister. I took those pictures :P Such a cool thing