Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Kind Words About Headhunters From Around the Internets

"The first time I saw how amazing this ep. looked my jaw hit the 
floor " @davidellis

"I hope to see more series like headhunter on waypoint in the future. As every episode has given me some laughs, some "omg thats cool moments" and the endings always leave me wanting more." ||sovereign||

"I honestly didn't know how beautiful a motion comic such as this could be." CaptainTony

"Out of all Motion Comics I think Headhunters was by far the coolest....... its style of animation was a lot more intense and just a lot cooler. Its more fluidly"  DonVinzone1

The special effects are amazing, best motion comis yet for the Halo series. Can't wait to see them all on Blu-Ray... Dazzle369

"I REALLY enjoyed Headhunter! The animation was so slick, it was one step short of practically being an animated movie rather than a motion comic! cant wait to see their next effort!" Dedworth Mean

"damn yo this shit iz insain it deserves a spot on tv adultswim maby thums up if u agree" VALORONES502

"Episode 3 is amazing. Again amazing work! I hope you guys will do a motion comic for @HaloWaypoint again." @hypertrooper

"this is some awesome stuff. i like it just as much as legends." niggaids

"Amazing explosions" SpartanJoe712

"I know nothing about Halo but this sure is awesome."  @gagesalzano

"It is best content Waypoint has... No complaints!" @bentlama

"Loved how the CG was mixed with the cell-animation" Thy ReaperMC

"Words can't describe just how amazing it is!!!" bryan newman

"Seriously the coolest Halo animation I've seen. The story is over, but I want more of the style. Just so well-done" Serpx

Hey! @HaloWaypoint @MoreFrames @Pyramind GREAT job on "Headhunters"! @Jonathan_Goff

"wowsers!! love that atmosphere!!" JeremyGalante

"Headhunters is one of the best motion comics yet. Animation was awesome." @FinalPOSTMORTEM

"So episode 2 was pretty fantastic. MoreFrames definitely has a great style, and they use some techniques we haven't seen before........I can't wait for the conclusion but I hope this isn't the last work we'll see from MoreFrames!" GANNONSMASH

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